Our Concierge Service provides order fulfillment and delivery services in the Port of Spain area only. Orders may be placed between 8:00am and 8:00pm daily, with estimated delivery within 2 hours. A concierge fee of $60.00 TTD will be applied.

Concierge Services

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Order Fulfillment

Our consierge service is only provided for essential services for the following categories of items

  • Supermarket
  • Pharmacy
  • Restaurant
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In order to proceed, a valid credit card is required. By clicking 'Authorize' and entering your credit card details, WiPay will place an authorization hold on the card for $500.00 TTD. Once the final cost of your items is known, your card will be charged for that amount plus any applicable fees (see below)

* Concierge Fee -$60.00 TTD

** Credit Card Processing Fee - 3% + $2.00 TTD